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The painter Evelyne Fallet-Michel was born in Paris where she lived until her installation in Vaucluse in 1990.

From her childhood, she retains her innate love of drawing. Her art teachers then classify her as a designer and not a colorist! And she believes them! His passion for years for the body arts (dance, school mime Étienne Decroux) makes him discover the musicality of movement in space, the beauty of silence, rigor, and the works of Rodin and Camille Claudel.

She follows as free listener the courses of History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre and practices choral singing. Évelyne Fallet-Michel feeds on all these artistic expressions that will lead her to "go into painting". And it is from 1998 under the sun of Provence that she "dares". Van Gogh, a source of inspiration, lives in it! Not to mention Turner, Picasso, Degas, Klee, De Stael, Dali, Matisse, Tinguely, Soutine, ... who permeate it.

The painter approaches a time free figuration. Her last year in the Sorgue workshop of the teacher Jean-Claude Gérodez is for her a challenge, a voluntary upset.

Artistic approach

Since then, abstraction has been imposed with the marriage of acrylic and textile collages that fuel the imagination of the artist. Every painting begins as an unprecedented adventure that will be built step by step in pleasure, doubt and hesitation. Nothing is easy in this permanent quest for harmony, balance and emotion. Each creation must be an invitation to let go.

In her studio, alone, Evelyne Fallet-Michel "cooking" to the heart.
His varied clientele is national as well as international. She exhibits in art fairs and galleries.

Roger Nifle sculptor, poet and philosopher said of his works:
"... dreamed world of lost childhood, world sewn with reminiscences, world of colors and anger, the secret garden is cultivated by rake and brush, in the middle of the village square. "

Excerpt from "Résonances", Avignon on 1/05/2013

Bob Heatly
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