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"These landscapes, one day I will paint them!"

"There are in the colors of things hidden harmony or contrast which collaborate of themselves and of which one could not benefit without it."

Vincent Van Gogh
Letters of Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, April 1882, p. 70.

Agostini Gerd, born in Denmark, is a teacher of foreign languages.

After an active life as a teacher, I retired in 2002, and it was shortly after I followed my dream of painting, drawing having always had a great place in my life.

I took drawing, watercolor and sketching lessons, but it was especially since 2007 that my dream came true.
I came to painting late, or maybe it was the painting that came to me, when I met the artist painter, Floris Brinkman, of which I became the student, in my turn.

With him, I went off to paint on familiar paths, which I had traveled so long; And that I reinvented every day, striving to capture the subtle light of Provence.

Through this initiatory journey, I learned another language, that of colors and contrasts, that I would like to share with you today.

Bob Heatly
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