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Brigitte ROCHAS

Born in Paris in 1958, residing and working in Belgium since 1988.

I returned to Paris in 2007 and worked in a workshop in the Bastille.

Since February 2008 with a partner we have opened a boutique-tea-gallery in the 17th arrondissement of Paris "In apARThe" my workshop is on site I work and take advantage of the place to expose and exhibit other painters.


Arts School of Braine l'Alleud and School of Arts of Louvain la Neuve in Belgium.

Artistic approach :

My current work is the culmination of a personal research. Gradually forms have become humanized, they have gained depth, have been enriched at the level of subjects, and have spoken to me in a new way. Suddenly they were transformed into bottles, into the city until the abstraction of forms .... I like playing with the ambiguity of these revelations during my work.

They call me, play with me, I leave them, I make them believe ... then I take the hand again. Still they surprise me sometimes, but I regale them flood of colors, shapes, lights, materials as much incentives to dreams and reflection.

Everyone can find his story according to his feelings, his journey, the emotions that animate him.

I invite the viewer to continue the story that I reveal to him, to listen to the little melody that leads to the dream, a delicate and secret invitation to savor the mysteries of life.

Suggest rather than say everything, this is my approach ...

Bob Heatly
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