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Colette Baly Gillin

"Inspiration must gush out an instant, the gesture must be spontaneous!"

From the almost magic exploration of a bunch of red and yellow flowers, through the dramatic effect of an alley in autumn, one can only be mesmerised and caught up by the diversity of the work by the painter C. Baly Gillin.

The use of brush or knife expresses her strong technique at the service of her colourful sensitivity.

C. Baly Gillin is defined as a local painter a painter "bien de chez nous" whose passion is well contained and a gentleness assuredly expressed, she is affirming the convictions of her soul. With the pleasure of showing our region from the Alps to the Camargue area, she teaches us to rediscover our vegetation and countryside.

Starting her long career in 1953, C.Baky Gillin exhibited first in Tunisia and then in France from 1983. Her works have found homes in various parts of the world.

Born in Rabat, Morocco, she has kept from her youth the love for light and for colours married with a certain intimacy with shadows that brings even more light to the picture.

Colette Baly Gillin
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