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I am a self-taught sculptor. My artistic approach is driven by the desire to reveal the curves of nature, especially those of women bodies in attitudes where energy, elegance, beauty and softness create emotions.

I try to express the beauty of the female body. During my studies, I was deeply influenced by the book of the philosopher Hegel "Aesthetics". He calls aesthetics the science which considers beauty in art, and it is this term which inspires me when I create my sculptures.

Obviously this puts me in opposition to the current movements of conceptual art which is aimed at the intellect and is at the heart of the wide-ranging debate among artists, but out of the field of aesthetics in the sense Hegel meant. These conceptual works do not, in my opinion, carry the power to move people.

I fully agree with Hegel's definition of the work of art: for him, it is a product of human activity, it is created for man (more precisely for his sensitivity and is an end in itself (it is not a means to reach anything else).

According to this idea, art addresses man’s feelings, art is destined to awaken emotion, especially the feeling of the agreeable.

I thus try to render all that the female body can evoke for both women and men, pleasant feelings of grace, movement, elegance, and energy.

Bob Heatly
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