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A graduate of the Fine Arts of Montpellier, Catherine Chabrot has set up her studio in Drôme Provençale. She presents her last canvases "on the motif". Landscapes and villages, reverse, places, left and against everything.

An atypical painter by Françoise Arquetout

Catherine Chabrot is an atypical painter, as one says of a house: it is not easily placed in a drawer, properly labeled by genre or style, does not have a standard plan. It is not part of any movement, although it draws legitimately from the vast legacy left by Impressionists, Cubists and beyond by figurative art.

Its charm comes from this difficulty in classifying it: it is one and the other, according to encounters and moods, sometimes nourishing universal works, sometimes inventing its own techniques ...

Of course, it has not explored abstraction and always flirts with the thousand figures of the real, to give its own vision, often mischievous, for humor and reference constitute a constant in the painted work of this cultivated artist .

Bob Heatly
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