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Didier Poisson is based in Normandy.

The purest marble in the world, black marble, did not leave the sculptor Didier Poisson indifferent: from this noble rock was born a series of fine sculptures in direct size.

Our gaze then arises on shapes full, very often rounded, which give pride to an imaginary nourished with sensuality and maternity. The fusional couple is a theme ("A man a woman," "Couple," "Fusion"), braiding distinct silhouettes into a single figure. But the curves also evoke a matter in gestation ("Waiting"), filled with a certain softness, under the effect of light reflected on these polished surfaces.

The appearance of the color is surprising in the succession of forms in black marble ("Evening dress").
By breaking a reassuring reassurance, color operates a kind of dazzling dream openness. A visual surprise that imposes a variation in the rhythm of the gaze, a different reception.

The work that bears the name "Self-control" gives us an image of the effort needed to keep everything together: mastery is also a contortion of self, it is made of tension and constraint.
The angles coexist here with the fluidity of the rounded contours.

If the names that Didier Poisson gives to each of his creations guide us and allow us to understand the artist's vision ("Free Woman", "Guardian", "L'Aveil"), these sculptures, which can appear as
Fragments of a poetic reverie, nourish the spectator's imagination and leave him the freedom to dream in his turn.

The strength and grace of the artist's expression have not ceased to surprise and enchant us.

July 7, 2011
Monica Salvan, Professor of Modern Letters, Doctor of Languages, Literatures and Societies, INALCO, Paris

Bob Heatly
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