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Pascal MASSONAT Painting remains a show even though sometimes the idea seems unfamiliar, anachronistic.

Indeed, painting an image often speaks of silences, calmness, peace, absence of words, absence of certain words... words of quarrels, of incommunicability, of conflicts. Why looking for knowing more if it s to become a stranger to oneself. Better accepting whom one is than trying to understand oneself.

Painting that silence, the calmness of the stones, of the earth, of the running waters, painting the softness of the immobile lines of the landscape with it s simple architecture; walks leading to gardens where we hope to finally one day settle.

Looking for silence in the absence of mankind, mere ghosts in slow motion, simple silhouettes simple architects of lines, monks, atheists, pilgrims or contemplatives looking for some peace in those peaceful lines, a peace without tragedy, without extremes, without frenzy.

Prophets without religion, they wander with the mystery of their pasts in the ever so quiet present moment that they seem to embody Serenity. Nevertheless, getting closer to that silence and you will perceive its intense activity.

The seasons of one's wanderings , the colors of our travelings, the light in our lighthouses, the steps in the staircases, the lanterns in one's garden, teas from Orient, coffees from Africa, the shepherds of our stones, the paradox of our dreams; all changing with one's emotions. Every state of mind has an image.

Every landscape bears its power. Sitting in each and single one of them, looking, watching, observing, feeling, painting them hoping to find the sweet equilibrium between Intent and the unexpected, mastering one to reach the other. Working so methodically for the arrival of pure chance.

Letting the self expression of alchemy, attempting to paint, to draw, to live, to progress not in the idea of bringing one's participation to the great worldly construction that doesn't seem to be able to get better but simply with the idea of healing oneself from wounds that only I is the guardian.


Bob Heatly
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