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Photo de Bob Heatly

I was born in 1956. My mother, amateur painter introduced me to his art, but also to the careful observation of Nature, and the magic of the Orient.

It is towards music that I turn to adolescence: after my studies at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, I taught classical guitar for several years.

The practice of yoga allowed me to extend my creative space in the field of painting.

And the discovery of the painter Zao Wou -ki was a revelation: the desire to free oneself from academic rules, to conquer a new world inspired by the Tao. The gesture, the choice of the color, the composition, are there only to make the emotion of the present, to underline a moment of eternity, to suggest the infinite nuances of the landscapes that surround me, and to enlarge this space of freedom that I feel, and want to share.

Bob Heatly
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