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Thérèse COLONGO (DoB : 20-04-1942 Switzerland).

Antibot to stress and urban madness, it is because we are living in a world of superficiality that I have chosen to express deeper values in my painting by illustrating the beauty of nature.

My work expresses a meditation empringted of power and warmth from which transpires serenity.

Counrtyside, flowers, natural beauties, scnereries or urban characters inspire the brush in a "modern impressionism" according to art critics where simplicity reveals a rare and unusual beauty.

the force and the magy of the light give life to the painting where each movement of the brush brings me closer  to my source of inspiration, nature and its beauty. The Region of Provence appeals to me, the wind, the uncomparable light and the treasures of that land animate a large number of my creation.

Thérèse Colongo
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